Baby skin care

Do Babies Need Lotion?

Our babies are so cute and soft! We work hard to keep them that way by bathing them regularly with baby-friendly soaps. While this keeps them clean, some parents like to go above and beyond by applying lotion. These lotions feel nice and offer valuable bonding time with our babies, but are they absolutely necessary for maintaining skin health?

Do Babies Need Lotion?

Babies naturally have well-balanced skin oils. This is what gives their skin that soft feel that we all love so much.

Just like with bigger kids or adults, overwashing can dry out the skin and result in discomfort. As adults, we may be familiar with dry hands that are often a result of excessive washing or cleaning with harsh soaps. For babies, dry skin can be a result of bathing too often. 

While our common sense tells us to bathe our little ones daily, it may be too much for their young skin. The Mayo Clinic recommends bathing your baby three times a week unless an extra bath is necessary. If you still want to bathe your baby daily or are noticing patches of dry skin, it may be time to pull out some moisturizer.

Choosing a Lotion

It is important to remember that your baby’s skin may be very sensitive to the environment and new products. Perfumes, dyes, and new ingredients may cause unexpected skin reactions. 

If you are looking for spot moisturizers, for patches of dry skin, you can try different creams that do double duty as diaper cream. They are meant to protect and repair skin, whether on the hand or on their bottom.

Choose a lotion that is free of dyes and perfumes. They may be labeled as “unscented” or “for sensitive skin.” Apply a small amount to one spot on their body and wait a day to see if there are any adverse reactions. If none, give your baby the spa treatment they deserve with a massage full of love and bonding.

Baby Lotion Uses

Your baby may have dry skin or may simply enjoy the time spent being massaged by a thoughtful parent or caretaker. Either way, this soothing time spent with your baby is always precious and welcome. 

Be careful not to overuse lotion. If you have any questions about whether the lotion you purchased is right or the best treatment for dry spots, never hesitate to consult with your pediatrician.